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Immersive AR/VR Solutions for businesses.

Why us ?

Bring the latest, cutting immersive technology to your customers and your associates with Plastic Water Labs. We have been working on AR, VR before the all this news, for the last three years. Our work with businesses like Tinkle, Manipal, Volvo has helped us perfect the use of immersive tech for solving business challenges.

Using AR & VR for business.

Brands - engage potential customers with immersive marketing experiences. As AR, VR as multi-sensory, you can understand data about what your customers are looking at, what are they picking up - amazing stuff for real insights into customer's actual behaviour !

Publishers - Make pages come alive, comics or text books. Drive greater engagement for your readers.

Training - It is very interesting to observe a trainee driver navigate a muddy terrain on an Oculus Rift. The trainer can observe extent of driver's knowledge of the vehicle, while the metaverse captures fuel efficiency, elevation etc of the vehicle for a meaningful feedback to the driver.

We are not restricted to only the above. We act as immersive tech business consultants, who will recommend the right immersive solution for you. Build it, with great analytics.

PLASTIC WATER LABSImmersive AR/VR Solutions for businesses.

  • AR McLaren - For BRANDING

    AR Volcano - For PUBLISHER

    Volvo - For TRAINING

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